Student Honor Code

To support our efforts in creating a fair and supportive learning environment, we have developed a Student Honor Code that enshrines the principles and values we seek to uphold as a learning community and that is underpinned by our regulations and policies. 

I will demonstrate respect for the dignity of others by:

Understanding and respecting that social and cultural differences exist among students, classmates, and colleagues.

Respecting others’ expectations of confidentiality and privacy.

Not engaging in intimidating, harassing, violent, or discriminating behavior or language.

I will demonstrate respect for the rights and property of others by:

Actively working to promote a positive learning environment.

Allowing other individuals to express their opinions, even if they are different from my own.

Not committing theft, vandalism, or destruction of another’s physical or intellectual property.

I will take personal responsibility for my learning by:

Being prepared and engaging fully with my academic commitments.

Responding on time to deadlines.

Contributing equitably to discussion and group work.

I will demonstrate personal, professional, and academic integrity by:

Being reliable, honest, and ethical.

Following through on commitments.

Adhering to the policies and procedures of the Institution.

Not misrepresenting or falsifying information and/or actions, including acts of plagiarism.

Not engaging in behavior that would compromise my learning or that of others.