Vedere Institute Academic Catalog 2023/24

The Academic Catalog (“catalog”) is intended to serve as a guide for Vedere Institute students. It sets out important information that you need to know as a student before you begin your studies at Vedere Institute and throughout your learning journey. In it, you will get in-depth information about your program along with guidelines, policies, and procedures that are relevant to your progression as a student. Please take some time to read through everything carefully and retain a copy for you to refer to as you move through your studies.

The rules, regulations, and policies contained in this handbook, together with the Enrollment Agreement, form the agreement between you, the student, and Vedere Institute, and should act as a guide for you throughout your time at Vedere Institute.

If you have any questions regarding any of the information included in this catalog, please contact the Program Team.

The content of this catalog may change as Vedere Institute adapts to different ways of working. While it is intended that this catalog be used for policies and guidelines, Vedere Institute reserves the right to make such modifications to guidelines and policies as it deems necessary during the course of the program. We will do our utmost to support your transition into the Institution and hope this catalog plays a role in a successful start to your journey.