Student Conduct

At Vedere Institute, we endeavor to create an inclusive and collaborative learning environment – one in which everyone is treated fairly and equally, and which seeks to uphold the highest standards of academic integrity and to foster mutual respect amongst all members of the community. 

To support this, we have developed a code of conduct that is underpinned by a set of policies and procedures that seek to reinforce our commitment to a positive learning experience for everyone. We place a strong emphasis on personal responsibility. Many of our commitments and expectations will be familiar to students and are likely to align with the principles that exist within their professional working environment. 

We encourage students to familiarize themselves with the information included in the following sections to ensure they are fully aware of the expectations and standards expected. Should students find themselves in breach of any of the policies relating to student conduct, a claim of being unaware of the expectations and policies will not be considered a suitable defense. 

Academic Misconduct
General Misconduct
Student Honor Code
Regulations, Policies and Procedures
Student Complaints