Stage Two


Stage Two of the process involves the convening of a Student Disciplinary Panel. The purpose of the Panel is to consider the following:

  • Cases that have been referred to them for a sanction to be applied.
  • Cases with no decision to study the issues raised and determine the appropriate outcome for the case.

The Panel has the authority to regulate the processes governing the consideration of the case at Stage Two, and to ensure that the process and outcome are fair and reasonable.

Student Disciplinary Panel

The normal composition of the Student Disciplinary Panel will be:

  • A member of the faculty
  • A second member of the faculty
  • A senior administrator or additional faculty member

All members of the Panel should be free from bias and have had no direct involvement in either the issues being considered or earlier stages of the disciplinary process.


The hearing will be held in private. Usually, only the student and members of the Student Disciplinary Panel will be permitted to attend.

The student will have the opportunity to provide their account of the situation. They will be expected to answer any questions directed to them. Full and honest disclosure is expected.

If the student and/or any of their witnesses fail to attend the hearing at the scheduled time, the Panel may consider the case on the basis of the information available.


If the Student Disciplinary Panel needs to, it may decide to seek clarification and/or additional information from other parties as it deems appropriate before reaching an outcome. Where the information has a material impact on the outcome, the student will be given the opportunity to comment on it.

The Panel will attempt to reach a unanimous conclusion on the outcome and any sanction to be applied. If the Panel is not in full agreement a decision may be made by majority vote. Confirmation of and details about the majority vote will not be disclosed.


In addition to the sanctions available during Stage One (refer to 3.4), the Student Disciplinary Panel may apply any or a combination of the following, or an alternative(s) if they deem it appropriate:

  1. Written reprimand: a written reprimand or warning to be kept on the student’s file for a defined period of time.
  2. Grade amendment: reduced or failing grade.
  3. Probation: academic or general probation which may include the stipulation of a minimum level of performance to continue, restriction of access to particular or the minimum number of electives.
  4. Loss of Alumni privilege: loss of Alumni privileges and benefits.

Outcome and Review

Once a conclusion is reached the Student Disciplinary Panel will write to the student to inform them of the outcome case and sanction(s).