Students can reasonably expect that there will be times when they have to manage conflicting and competing priorities and demands on their time and make difficult choices. Vedere Institute expects that students will prioritize their studies and make the necessary arrangements in good time to ensure they are able to engage with their learning and complete assessments on time. However, Vedere Institute acknowledges that there may be times when circumstances arise unexpectedly that have a significant impact on a student’s ability to:

  • Engage with their learning commitments.
  • Complete an assessment at the scheduled time.
  • Complete a mandatory program requirement.

In these circumstances, Vedere Institute can consider an adjustment for the student. Requests will be reviewed by a panel – which will typically consist of two members of Vedere Institute faculty and one senior staff member – that will approve cases where they are entirely satisfied that:

  • The circumstances are unforeseen and unpreventable.
  • The circumstances are outside of the student’s control.
  • The circumstances would have a significant negative impact on the student’s academic progress.

This policy is designed to operate within our inclusive learning environment. Each person matters as an individual. Decisions and actions must consider the dignity and rights of the individual to be fair. Equitable treatment does not necessarily mean treating everyone the same. Treating people fairly may require different approaches that do not imply a lesser standard of performance.

Consideration of Requests

The fundamental principle of this policy is that the circumstances should be extenuating and/or exceptional. Requests to interrupt the program on an extended basis would not be considered under this policy and should be directed to the Student Services Manager.

Impact of the Circumstances – There is also an expectation that the circumstances will have a significant negative impact on the student’s academic progress. 

Timeline – In order to safeguard the assessment process and avoid creating an unfair advantage, Vedere Institute expects that, where possible, students will submit an extenuating circumstance request in advance of the assessment deadline. It acknowledges that this may not always be possible and, in such cases, will consider requests up to seven days after the assessment where an adequate explanation is provided.

Students should be aware that all requests are considered by the panel which meets regularly. 

Evidence – Requests should normally be supported by appropriate evidence. However, the Institution acknowledges that this is not always possible and, in such cases, will consider requests with an adequate explanation as to why evidence cannot be provided.

Personal information and confidentialityVedere Institute acknowledges that cultural and individual approaches to the disclosure of personal information can vary. However, it strongly encourages students to disclose matters that may have an adverse impact on their academic progress, at the time at which they occur, in order for us to provide appropriate guidance and support. Vedere Institute will treat any disclosure provided confidentially.

The panel may, at its discretion, request additional information/evidence be provided or reject the request if it considers the information provided by the student is insufficient.