Academic Credit and Course Administration

Program Credit

Each course has an individual credit value and details are provided in the program listings.

Students are required to successfully complete all requirements, as stated in the Program Regulations for the program to be considered complete. Students who do not complete these requirements will not be eligible for the award of the degree.

Course Enrollment

Students are registered for a program and must complete all compulsory requirements as set out in the Program Regulations. Enrollment for courses in each term and session will take place according to the schedule outlined in the academic calendar.

Course Information

The course syllabus acts as the definitive guide for the course and provides details of the administrative arrangements, expected learning outcomes, participation requirements, and assessment requirements. Details about the types of assessment, deadlines and submission information, weighting of individual components, and minimum requirements to pass the course will be included.

Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the course requirements and clarifying any issues with the faculty member at the beginning of the course.