Passion and a Giving Heart

Explore the impact of dedication, positivity, and nurturing attitudes in a team's success and how passion fuels purpose, fostering a supportive and thriving work environment.

Diana Brijbag is committed, to say the very least. She has worked with Dr. Denner and Dr. Miller for 27 years, and together they have been with Access Health Care for 5 years. She explains how when they were first coming on board with the company, she told herself, I don’t need any negativity. I’m opening myself up to positivity, and that’s it.” This is a very powerful shift people can make. In her mind, she had two choices: either go with it or get out.  

She explains it very simply, “People need to step up and choose to make the company a better place. My goal is to make everything my best. And I will do it.”  She is very passionate and clear about her principles; she is both protective of the doctors and the business. Over the past 3.5 years of getting to know Diana, one thing is clear–she puts 100 percent into everything she does.  

One business decision she swears by is keeping people with a good attitude“I would rather tell someone something ten times who has a good attitude than have someone in the practice with a bad attitude and a lot of knowledge.”  “The work atmosphere is too important for that. Everyone here is together. Everyone jumps in and helps wherever they are needed. They try to be patient with each other because they understand that people have a greater workload, as offices are short-staffed now.  But the bottom line is, they pull together, and no one allows the ship to sink.” This is one of the reasons Diana feels so strongly about always trying to thank her staff.  “I know they are doing what they are supposed to do, but it helps people to feel appreciated.”  

With adjusting to the COVID-19 pandemic, the office is now doing warm touch calls, virtual check calls, and televisits from the office. True to Diana’s nurturing nature, she created cute, little door signs for each one of the physician’s studios where they go to do their televisits. This is not uncommon for Diana, as she has made their Halloween costumes each year, flu shot décor and bakes her famous rum cake for everyone. She has the heart of a caretaker and immeasurable determination.  No matter what she talks about, whether family, world events, work, or cooking, the only word that comes to mind is…passion.  

Maybe passion is the one thing that we all can use to push us all a little further. Starting with our families at home first, within our souls to do what’s right, and then letting it take flight with us at work as we strive to serve one another in good health. Should we allow stress and anxiety to steer us away and deflect our potential on negative thoughts of what-ifs and how comes? I think Diana is a great reminder that if you have the passion to fuel your purpose, things magically fall into place (not just for you but for your team). It’s fair to say that attitudes are contagious. Maybe we all could focus on the positive, serve each other with humility, and have peace in knowing we are doing our best to help one another. We are all in this together, regardless of circumstances. What’s to be lost by doing what we can with a good heart and smile?

Diana leaves off the meeting by emphasizing, “We have to be a team.” Twenty-seven years later I believe Diana has proven that she knows what it means to be dedicated to a team.  I hope that we all learn from her devotion and choice of attitude. Let’s all look out for our Access family, even the employees you may not know.  We are all in this together, and we will win the war against COVID-19.

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